Level Zero is a Cape Town based BEE web and application development company, that operates throughout South Africa. and abroad,  We have been involved in software (web) development for over 10 years.

Whether we talk Web3, six senses or making sense, whether we look into our Southern African 3500 year heritage or the digital future; simplicity remains key!

We specialize in .NET development building online administrative systems or Dotnetnuke (DNN) information portals. We also offer standardized DNN web site solutions for the SME market through our Rentasite subsidiary.


The meaning of design has changed. It's no longer about "the look" but more about speed & functionality.

  • Designs have to work on numerous devices and displays, from plasma screen, to TV, to laptop, to tablet, to mobile, phone... 
  • Designs have to work on numerous browsers and platforms. 
  • Designs have to work horizontally (Portrait) and vertically (Landscape).

This complex "virtual" reality reinforces our strive for simplicity.


Level Zero uses the Microsoft Dot Net framework as its development platform. The platform architecture is fixed and controlled, allowing developers to purely focus on the build of applications / web based functionalities.

Further the framework provides the DotNetNuke content management system, which is largely open source. The system allows companies to build websites, social intranets and online communities that delight and engage customers.

Dot Net allows companies flexibility in selecting our changing development service providers. This provides better long - term continuity than bespoke "open" platform developments. 


Level Zero was created as a "back to basics" IT company, moving away from the online hype. The fact that all the incredible technology you are exposed to still is based on 0's and 1's, or positive and negative electrical impulses might be difficult to imagine, but that is our foundation.

Apart from this IT perspective, we also go back to basics in being a truly South African company, proud of it's heritage, going back well over 3500 years, which compares to any European culture.

Our forefathers were living in a highly challenging environment, nature and large distances being their biggest threat. They left their marks in the form of rock-art, indicating spiritual / religious occasions, as well as indicating sights of game, of prosperity in those days.

When comparing their easily understandable drawings against the direction that our so highly advanced online world is taking, we notice a great similarity: simplicity! We embrace this in our brand and when we engage with you, our "back-ground thinking" will be: "but can't this be done in an easier way..."